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St. Charles MO Office
1985 Bluestone Dr. Suite 101
St. Charles, MO 63303
(636) 447-6000
Home of our Gift Shop
Adoration Chapel & broadcast studios

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California Studios: 
410 W. Grove Suite 150
Orange, CA 92806
(800) 500-4556
West Coast Office & Video Studio

St. Joseph Evangelization Network

We are located right next to the St. Charles Marcus Theatre, and behind Phillips 66 gas station.

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The St. Joseph Radio office in St. Charles, MO, is ready to welcome YOU!

St. Joseph Gift Shop

Our gift shop carries essential Catholic books and items, as well as recordings of informative, inspiring talks on every aspect of the Faith, many of which can only be found through St. Joseph Radio!  Our inventory includes Catholic jewelry, religious pictures, prayer cards, holy pillowcases, and books, CDs, and DVDs featuring well-known Catholic authors and speakers such as William Federer, Fr. Larry Richards, and many more!  Much of our merchandise is also available on our new and improved online store!

St. Joseph Chapel

In 2016, a long-time dream was fulfilled when the Archdiocese of St. Louis granted permission for a chapel to be established at St. Joseph Radio’s office.  The St. Joseph Chapel is always open to visitors who want a quiet place to spend time with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament or who just need to say a few quick prayers.  We also have Mass at the chapel and would be pleased to contact if you would like to know when the next Mass will be offered!

St. Joe’s Java Coffee Shop

St. Joe’s Java was established to help fund our growing evangelization network.  We offer a variety of different coffee blends, which you can purchase at our gift shop or online!  Our famous St. Joseph Radio coffee shop offers a pleasant atmosphere for prayer/study groups, or meetings, all while enjoying delicious St. Joe’s Java coffee!  If you would like to have your next meeting here, contact us to reserve a date!  

All of these great resources are at the same location as our video recording and radio broadcasting studios!  For a great start to your weekend, come to visit us on Saturdays between 12-1 P.M. CST to sample one of our famous St. Joe’s Java blends while sitting in a front-row seat to our live radio programs!

In His Service
(I.H.S.) Publishers

LeafletsThe Ten Commandments are Not Multiple Choice,
Who Started Your Church?,
 We Got the Bible, A List of Popes,
Answers to questions about Mary, Mother of God,

Books published by I.H.S.:  Waiting to Die, Running to Live by Michael P. Burke,  
Strengthening Your Faith One Moment at a Time by Christine Schmidt,
Aram by A.K. Frailey, Don’t Worry, Little Nut by Kathleen Schurter,
You Can’t Take it With You by Fred Vilbig,
Saving Grace, by Fr. Augustine Wetta, OSB,
Return to the Altar
 by Fr. Mathew John


I.H.S. Publishers


Books published by I.H.S.:  Waiting to Die, Running to Live by Michael Patrick Burke 
Strengthening Your Faith One Moment at a Time by Christine Schmidt
Aram by A.K. Frailey
Don’t Worry, Little Nut by Kathleen Schurter
The Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day by Carol Benoist and Kathy Gilmore
Can’t Take it With You by Fred Vilbig
Coming Soon – Saving Grace Children’s book – to be released in September
Return to the Altar by Fr. Mathew John – to be released in September


A Sampling of I.H.S. Productions

What is the Mass? DVD and Study Guide by Msgr. Matthew Mitas
My Freedom to Choose Pro-Life Counseling CD
The Weight of the Mass DVD
Take it to the Queen DVD
Francis Woke Up Early DVD
Deacon Steve Greco video series
Adam Blai Spiritual Warfare video series